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Have you ever Googled Yourself?

Have you ever Googled Yourself?

May 30, 2024

We spend a lot of time discussing stressful topics with our clients, and legacy is one of them. One low-stress way of framing the concept of what you leave behind could be a challenge: Have you ever Googled yourself?

 What was there? Was it what you expected? Was it scary? For most people, they’ll be surprised at what is out there online. We all have a legacy in the form of a ‘digital fingerprint’, and it’s one of the only aspects of your legacy you can easily preview with a few letters in a search bar. Doing a quick search helps you address some of the digital aspects we discuss with our clients when engaging in Legacy Forethought related planning.


(Apologies if you share a name with a celebrity such as George Michael, and our sincere apologies if your name is John or Jane Doe, because you likely won’t find search results related to you. If you’re an advanced user, you may want to try multiple search engines, and ask friends to search for you, since search results are often tailored to the individual searching.)

End of life topics are stressful to everyone involved, and our team has several approaches that work to communicate key information to the right individuals in your family. For example, you can work with Apple to make sure your spouse can unlock your iPhone and access your email. Without that, you may leave your spouse without critical access to modern tools such as “Two Factor Authorization (or 2FA); you may know this as the code that gets texted to log into an account. If you’re not using a secondary factor of security to log into your personal accounts, consider consulting with a professional resource to learn how to make your accounts more secure while you’re at it.

As far as what to do if you don’t like the Google results? I’m afraid that’s another topic entirely. In this exercise we can see how it feels to have your legacy affected by something unknown. Ideally planning and preparation reduces the impact of those unknown and unexpected events. If you’re curious about that topic, explore our page on Critical Life and Financial Events; they’re things that happen to us suddenly that we can’t control, they vary but will almost always have an unexpected impact on our finances.

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