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Client Centered

Our first priority is understanding our clients' position in life. Utilizing our proprietary process we are able to design financial solutions designed for your unique position in life. As our Founder Chuck Rushmore always taught us:

Find Your Position...Plot Your Course ®.

Our team enjoys working with clients to uncover what services are right for them, in their current position in life. We do that by discovering why they are pursuing the financial goals that they are so we can design and deploy the right solution.

 For some clients, legacy and retirement is top of mind. For other clients, retirement is a topic but their first concern may be getting their kids through their education.

Our clients are empowered with a financial plan of which they helped design. We are after all, discussing the pursuit of your financial goals. Knowing you change, and your life changes, you can take guidance from our proprietary process: The TruVectr Formula ®. Our formula was designed to assure the right services are offered at the right point in your life.

We also know things can happen that are outside of our control and often we refer to those as Critical Life and Financial Events; events that are sometimes good, sometimes bad, but either way impact your finances and leave you with little time to react.

However your needs change, we will have the services to offer in that time of need. 

Through our proprietary, clients receive a plan that does more than sit on paper, as it lives in their hearts and daily lives. This exciting roadmap will be unique to each client, as will the exact services utilized. 

As a result, our services allow our clients to face the future with more certainty, as they know both L2 Advisors, and the TruVectr Formula ®  are there for them along the way.

Click below to learn about L2 Advisors proprietary process, the TruVectr FORMula®

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