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Keagan Rushmore is the local Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Financial Professional!

How does SmartVestor work, and why should you use a SmartVestor Pro?

SmartVestor Pros:

Are committed to educating and empowering you to help you work toward your long-term investing goals.
May help you build wealth by teaching you how to invest for the long-term.
Got a question? SmartVestor Pros commit to giving you a fast response, often within 24 hours.
Have access to hundreds of investment products so they can find the right option that works best for you and your goals.

About Dave Ramsey and SmartVestor

Dave Ramsey is known for his personal money management expertise and national radio show. He is the creator of Financial Peace University (FPU), a program that helps people get rid of their debt, get control of their money, and learn new behaviors around money that are founded on commitment and accountability. Dave created the SmartVestor program so that individuals or families could easily find investing professionals in their area and get honest.

Status as a SmartVestor Pro does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

SmartVestor™ is an advertising service for investing professionals. Advertising fees are not connected to any commission, portfolio, service, product, or other service offered or rendered by any SmartVestor Pros. SmartVestor Pros are subject to initial vetting by Ramsey Solutions, and they affirm a Code of Conduct. SmartVestor Pros are not employees or agents of Ramsey Solutions. Neither Ramsey Solutions nor its affiliates are engaged in rendering investing or other professional advice. Ramsey Solutions does not receive, control, access, or monitor client funds, accounts, or portfolios. Ramsey Solutions does not warrant any services of SmartVestor Pros and makes no claim or promise of any result or success of retaining a SmartVestor Pro. Your use of SmartVestor, including the decision to retain the services of any SmartVestor Pro, is at your sole discretion and risk. Any services rendered by SmartVestor Pros who you contact are solely that of the SmartVestor Pro.

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