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New Client Process: Are We a "Fit"?

We all want good experiences in our life. If we're downtown Grand Rapids and want to see art, we go to the GRAM. If we want to see a planetarium show we go to the public museum. We all know when something fits, a pair of gloves, our favorite hat, and we also know when it doesn’t. When it comes to our professional relationship, we are looking for a “Mutual FIT”. 
Our team uses a “FIT Process” to determine how well we will work together, as advisor and client; from this process we both will discover if there is a Mutual FIT. The first step in the FIT Process is to meet with you, so you can learn about our team and process. We also learn about you. Our processes are built around knowing you, so it’s the first place we start.
It’s not an exclusive club, anyone who has a mutual FIT is offered the ability to become a client.
We receive a lot of requests from people interested in our services, and we are honored by our reputation! To continue providing the best service possible to our existing clients and new clients, we allocate the time to sit down with people just as yourself.
What you can expect, is a welcoming environment with a warm attitude towards you and your needs. What we don’t offer, is high-pressure sales tactics, or panic induced product offerings. Instead, we offer a proprietary process that fits your needs at every stage of your life journey.

Because we are confident in our ability to provide services to our clients, we can give incoming clients the opportunity to say no, also.

If it’s not a mutual fit, we will recommend someone who may better serve your needs.
We can’t wait to find out if we’re a mutual fit. You can call, text, or email us. For your convenience you can book with your advisor with the fields below!