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Our Story So Far

Find your position...Plot your course.®

We start our story in the middle of a wooded trail in southern Michigan. A young man in his scout uniform is navigating to his destination, in a time when our phones didn't tell us where to go, because they were fixed to the wall. Before his hike, he knew his destination, he had reviewed the map. Yet he had never walked that trail. Halfway into the hike, the trail wasn't as clear as he hoped. He pulled out his map to confirm he was heading in the right way. Placing rocks on the corners to stop the wind he pulled out his compass, aligned it to magnetic north and started his process. 

First he looked at where he was. The slope of the terrain and some rocks nearby helped him narrow down where he was on the map. Only when he confirmed where he was, did he re-plot a course to get him to his destination. This habit has helped many hikers and all the rest of us that are looking for direction in life.

That little boy was our founder, Chuck Rushmore. Since 1998 he has been helping clients pursue their financial goals in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area. When it came time to developing the company philosophy, Chuck reflected:

"How would I want my parents to be treated?"

The answer was a people-centered philosophy that guides our direction as a company:

Find your position...Plot your course.®

The approach involves first, finding where someone is in life. Then finding out who they are and where they want to go in life.

Financial statements do little to tell us who a client really is; they tell us important information and you will be asked to bring them your first Fit Meeting (What is a Fit Meeting?), but you're more than a statement. We generate a meaningful professional relationship that supports our client's pursuit of financial goals because we know who they are. We know what matters to them, because we took the time to listen. We don't push scripts, we don't push products. We work together. 

This philosophy is integrated into our proprietary process, the TruVectr Formula®. This process addresses the reasons and motivations that keep you going in life, and lay out how our team will work with you in lockstep to help you pursue your financial goals. 

What About the 'Two L's?'

They represent the nexus of where you are, and where you are going, and more practically put: Longitude, and Lattitude. If you ever get lost and need to navigate the old fashioned way, head to 42.915 and -85.529 and look for our sign, we are just east of Meijer off of 28th Street, minutes from East Grand Rapids, Ada, Forest Hills and the Gerald R Ford Airport. We have clients as far away as Holland, Rockford, even California. We support our client's pursuit of financial goals and retirement, wherever that takes them. 

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