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Legacy Forethought

One of our core pillars at L2 Advisors is our focus on your financial estate, a proprietary process we refer to as Legacy Forethought TM. For many, the concept of a legacy comes late in life, when little can be done to change their course. If we don’t define our own legacy, someone else will—especially with the permanence of the internet (Have you ever 'Googled' Yourself?). That’s why our team uses the term Legacy Forethought. It reflects our proactive approach to planning and executing a legacy strategy.

Our actions, both past and future, are part of what define us. It's not just who we are, but who we are remembered to be, that truly defines our legacy. This philosophy encompasses another one of our Pillars, Charitable Giving, and extends to the best gift we can give our families and loved ones: a legacy that demonstrates careful planning for every contingency. In times of loss, no one should be burdened with the details, when there is a chance to leave them with a plan.

Every client cares about their legacy, though each has a unique vision of what it should be. We focus on finding the right options to ensure you are remembered in meaningful ways, reflecting the life you worked hard to build on your path to financial independence.
What foundation will you leave behind, and what future will it support?

Explore some of the hypothetical scenarios below, and when you’re ready to start the process with our team you can schedule a fit meeting through the buttons below. Be sure to Learn About Our New Client Process to learn how we explore if we are a mutual fit to work with one another. Long distance? You may still be a mutual fit. L2 Advisors services clients from the greater Grand Rapids area but also remote as far away as needed in many states.

Legacy Forethought Scenario

Legacy Forethought Scenario

A family is blessed with numerous grandkids early into life, making them realize the importance of establishing a secure financial future for their youngest generation. The complexity of multi-generational planning can be overwhelming, but with the L2 Advisors Legacy Forethought process, they integrate this essential planning into their legacy considerations. Our team works closely with them, and qualified estate planning attorneys, to create a comprehensive financial strategy that ensures their grandchildren will have a plan for the resources they need to succeed. They not only provided for their education and wellbeing but also set the foundation for generational wealth that will benefit their family for years to come. 

Legacy Forethought: Family First

Legacy Forethought: Family First

A family experienced the sudden loss of a parent and vowed to ensure their spouse and family wouldn't have to guess their end-of-life needs. The emotional and logistical challenges were overwhelming, and they wanted to prevent their loved ones from facing the same situation. With the Legacy Forethought process from L2 Advisors, they were able to communicate their feelings and intentions to their family before finalizing any legal processes. This type of communication can save costly expenses that may come from changing a direction you have taken with your legal team. In general, we have found communication within families essential and integrate it into our process. Ask us about our Family Phone Call process to learn of another service we offer when appropriate. 

Legacy Forethought: Scholarships 

Legacy Forethought: Scholarships 

If a couple were never blessed with children, they could chose to invest their time and resources into the high school where they both met. In order to leave a significant donation to the school, they need a financial plan to assure their legacy will be impactful and sustainable. 

L2 Advisors could help prepare a financial plan that addresses those goals with our experience in Legacy Forethought. 

Our proprietary planning process focuses on helping you pursue the financial goals that matter to you. With the help of L2 Advisors this couple would be able to pursue their legacy far in advance with a plan designed for them. With the help of L2 Advisors, their legacy is one of generosity, education, and community support.

L2 Advisors, and their employees, are not attorneys. For specific estate planning advice, please consult a qualified estate planning attorney.

Your Legacy. Your Vision. Our Expertise. 

Our clients have vision and we can't wait to hear yours.

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